Vendor Management

Consolidate and pay vendors with ease

The Value of Vendor Management

  • Manage your indirect vendors with ease by consolidating them on ADAM
  • Reduce supplier management and invoicing activity
  • Ensure the optimal supplier performance
  • Consolidate vendor payments
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We consolidate and manage your business's vendors

tail-end vendor management

Tail-end Vendor Management 


Vendor Vetting and Accreditation

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Vendor Reliability Scoring

Vendor Management Solutions

Vendor Onboarding 

Onboard your existing vendors

  • Support by liaising with vendor at the onboarding stage 
  • Save time managing multiple suppliers by consolidating into one platform
  • Ensure users are buying the right products, from the right vendors, at the right price
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Tail-end Spend Management 

Manage your tail-end vendors within ADAM 

  • Focus your time on strategic procurement activities while we simplify tail-end vendor management for you
  • Save time on vendor registration activities 
  • Single point for vendor payments to reduce accounts payable activity

Vendor Vetting & Accreditation 

Access our vetted vendor database 

  • Procure from a database of vetted vendors that meet multiple criteria (halal-certified, SSM registered business, etc)
  • Benchmark and get instant price comparisons of your existing vendors and Supplycart's vendors through the e-Sourcing feature
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Vendor Reliability Scoring 

Continuous monitoring of your vendor's performance 

  • Continuous monitoring vendor quality and performance to ensure expectations are met 
  • View supplier spending analytics across categories 
  • Generate reports  and charts within clicks - easy downloadable CSV file format is available

Onboard your existing vendors
with no extra cost

It's easy! Just connect Supplycart to your vendors and we will onboard them on your behalf 

The best part? You still get to procure your vendors' items at the same price while enjoying consolidation through ADAM