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Welcome to our Vendor Self-Serve Starter Pack! 

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Set-up Company Profile


Set-up Fulfilment Info


Upload Products


Journey to B2B Begins

Upload Products & Grow your Exposure

Analyse for Better Insights

Refine Offerings for better Targeting

Vendor Registration Form

Set-up your Company Profile via Registration Form. Your Company Profile will be verified and created within one (1) working day.

Additional Product Upload / Update

Should you wish to list additional offerings or update the existing SKUs, please proceed with the submission using this form.


Vendor may refer to the guide provided as a reference when submitting your registration.

List of Prohibited Items

Any offerings found under the list of Prohibited Items will not be uploaded. Please ensure all offerings follow the guidelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions Vendor often ask that may help you understand Supplycart’s offering and onboarding.

Help Us Serve You Better

It would mean a lot to our team if you could provide us with your view on your experience.

Supplycart’s Vendor Portal will be deployed in

Q4 2020!

Vendor portal

Vendor Portal will empower Vendors to manage its offerings & fulfilment:

  1. Secure access to profile information
  2. Order management
  3. eRFQ notification 
  4. Contract set-up with Corporate Customers
  5. Full visibility on sales analytics
  6. Price benchmarking
  7. Easy access to PO
  8. Transparent log of each order associated with PO

You will be notified when the Vendor Portal is deployed!
Thank you for your patience and understanding during the interim.

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