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News about Supplycart

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Supplycart已经和YYC 超越集团签署备忘录,将他们公司的电子化采购服务和会计服务整合。通过这次的合作,两家公司将能实现业务数码化,优化服务

15 January, 2020  | TV2 华语新闻

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Supplycart Signs MOU with YYC Group To Digitally Empower Corporates and SMEs

SUPPLYCART has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Xero Platinum partner, YYC Group to collaborate in helping corporates and SMEs digitally transform their business.

15 January, 2020  | Digital News Asia

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Supplycart 電子採購平台與YYC 助客户转型

电子采购服务供应商 Supplycart 与 YYC 超越集团签署谅解备忘录, 合作将采购服务与会计服务整合并数 码化, 看好双方可 透过ADAM电子采购平台, 将YYC目前2万家企业客户转换成使用电子采购平台

14 January, 2020  | China Press, Business

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Supplying Companies Everything From A TO Z

Automation and digitalisation are revolutionising every single industry, but we often think of that as mobile delivery services or hotel robots. How about the back-end processes, though? How are those being carried forward and innovated for Industry 4.0? Jonathan Oh, founder and CEO of Supplycart, a B2B e-procurement platform, discusses all this and more.

26 November, 2019  | BFM

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Digitalising Procurement: Procurement Made Easy with Supplycart's Jonathan Oh

"I was the youngest guy in the company and I asked everybody, how long have they been here?" Jonathan Oh, Founder and CEO of Supplycart says of his first job

November, 2019  | SME Pillars

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Supplycart and YYC team up help Malaysians SMES digitalise through accounting and procurement 

SMEs and organisations today need to digitally transform their businesses. If anything, it’s good business – as we’ve reported previously, 58% of C-level executives in Malaysia say that their digital transformation initiatives are seeing measurable returns.

4 December, 2019  | Digital News Asia

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Vital for leaders to adapt to change

This week SunBiz learns what it takes for a company to evovle from Supplycart CEO Jonathan Oh.  How has your life experience made you the leader you are today? I would divide my life experiences into three phases: The early days, corporate days and first businesses days

4 November, 2019  | TheSunDaily

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企業也需要網購 (Enterprises need to purchase online too)

当一想到网购 , 我们自然会想到家喻户晓的购物平台 受如淘宝 、 Lazada和虾皮 ( Shopee ) 。 毕竟网购商品价 格较廉宜 , 而且还能从上千逾万个选项中挑选出自己 “ 心 水 ” 的商品 。

24 September, 2019  | China Press

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B2B: Driving efficiency with e-procurement

When managing businesses, many companies emphasizes sales and growth to such an extent that they overlook the operational side of things

16 September, 2019  | The Edge Malaysia (Enterprise)

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Automating procurement for SMEs

PROCUREMENT is seldom seen as an area that needs to be automated. For years, companies have purchased their supplies and services through long-standing relationships and a manual process that has stood the test of time.

2 September, 2019  | The Star Online

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“SMEs Need To Digitalise Their Business”

If you are a startup or small business owner, you know the struggle of managing the nitty-gritty details of how your company spends. You are always busy looking into driving more business...

9 September, 2019  | Lead.io

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Bizsmart Challenge buka peluang
Supplycart realisasi impian

Kejayaan memperoleh dana untuk mengembangkan perniagaan menjadi kenangan bermakna buat usahawan, Jonathan Oh.

24 October 2018  | Astro Awani

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Malaysia’s office procurement startup Supplycart
secures $2m Series A

Kuala Lumpur-based office procurement startup Supplycart has raised a $2 million Series A round led by FirstFloor Capital, Japan-listed Capital Aucfan Co Ltd and other private investors, it said in an announcement on Monday

3 September 2018  | Deal Street Asia

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Supplycart raises US$2mil in Series A funding

SUPPLYCART has raised US$2 million (RM8.22 million) in Series A funding from FirstFloor Capital, Japan-listed Capital Aucfan Co Ltd and other private investors.

3 September 2018  | Digital News Asia

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Malaysia's Supplycart raises US$2M in Series A funding round

Kuala Lumpur-based B2B startup Supplycart today announced that it has raised a US$2 million Series A funding round from FirstFloor Capital Aucfan Co Ltd and other undisclosed private investors.

3 September 2018 | e27.co

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Jonathan Oh, CEO & Co-founder of Supplycart

Jonathan Oh’s enquiring mind and love for learning has led him on an entrepreneurial journey, with him starting Supplycart which helps businesses manage their offices better.

21 February 2018  | The Asian Entrepreneur

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Supplycart 办公琐事不麻烦


27 December 2016  | Oriental Daily

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15 exciting startups from Malaysia  that

raised funds in 2016

Supplycart helps offices shop for equipment and supplies quickly and easily through its website. It offers price comparison from a number of vendors as it aims to be a one-stop shop for office procurement.

26 December 2016  | Tech In Asia (Investments)