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With Integration

Harmonise all Source-to-pay data with your business solutions

Discover ADAM's Integration Solutions

ADAM empowers you by seamlessly connecting your procurement data to any ERP or accounting solution via our stress-free, open API integration.

Open API Connectors

Seamlessly connect with other software solutions through hassle-free open APIs

Client-Centric Requirements

Tailored integration solutions to meet your business' unique, and complex requirements

Extend Solutions Across Your Business

Extend your existing financial solutions' capabilities by rapidly integrating with ADAM

A Seamless Integration Experience

Expand your business' capabilities by synchronising all of your data seamlessly

Supports Variety of File Types

ADAM supports a variety of file types for incoming and outgoing documents.

  • CSV: Delimited flat text file
  • HTTPS: Secure hypertext transfer
  • XML: Structured document standards

Fits Perfectly Into Software Stacks

Effortlessly connect ADAM with all your day-to-day business solutions.

  • Accounting solutions (Xero Accounting)
  • ERP Solutions
  • Finance Softwares

Swift, Inexpensive Integration

Quick, inexpensive integrations with your business solutions

  • Simplified and seamless integration via open API connector
  • Reduced integration challenge with cloud
  • Free your IT team's time up to focus on core initiatives

Integrate with your current systems

Easily connect your ADAM with your essential tools - ERP, finance software, accounting systems, etc

Don't See Your System Here?

Speak to one of team members to find out how we can set up a custom workflow
to cater to your organisation's need.

We offer custom integration options including customised CSV exports and API integrations to cover integrating with any other software. 

Synchronise all procurement-related data across your business solutions through ADAM's open API connector.

Eradicate manual processing work and human errors with integrated automations.

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