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Jonathan Oh, CEO & Co-Founder

Empowering Businesses during Covid-19

We understand that some of the businesses are heavily impacted due to the Covid-19 global pandemic and  Supplycart would like to be a support to you. With that, we have decided to open some of our features for FREE to assist businesses overcome till the end of this year

We hope by providing ADAM Starter Plan for free,  you can start addressing some operational challenges and enjoy cost savings for your business. 

Supplycart Covid-19 Incentive for Businesses

Access to Free ADAM Starter Plan (until 31 Oct 2020)

By opening ADAM Starter Plan features for FREE, we are extending the following benefits to companies:

  • Easy Sourcing - Source and request for quotations for bulk purchases
  • Easy Purchasing - Access to more than 30,000 business-related products and services
  • Digitalise Procurement - Better spend controls and transparency
  • Spend Analytics - Understand your company spend and identify cost saving opportunities
  • Consolidate Purchases - Save time on vendor management and accounts payable activities

Apply for FREE ADAM Starter Access *Limited Time

> Zero cost on your end

> No credit card details needed

Supplycart has helped companies save up to 10% of their cost
by making procurement processes more effective and identifying cost saving opportunities.

We hope we can help do the same for your company during this crucial time.

How we're helping

Sourcing For free

Allowing businesses to find products and services they need and find alternative suppliers for operations for free

Savings through price bench-marking

Identify cost saving opportunities through a price benchmarking activity and finding better vendor alternatives with better prices

Digitalising processes

Digitalise procurement processes so that companies can remain functional even with multiple teams working remotely

List Your Products & Services

On Supplycart For Free

Expand your market reach and leverage on Supplycart's 1,600
and growing corporate customer database of diverse industries

How has Covid-19 impacted your business?

Let us know how Covid-19 has impacted your business
so that we can be a better support to you

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