MDEC Adopts Supplycart As A Technology Service Provider

The Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) has chosen Supplycart as one of its technology service providers (TSP), this means that Supplycart is now part of the RM500 million SME grant under the government’s budget 2020 plan.

As a TSP, Supplycart fulfils one of the government’s key digitization areas with us offering procurement services via our ADAM platform. This appointment by MDEC also gives Supplycart the opportunity to share its views and opinions on digitization with the Malaysian government to help foster a new age of innovation in the workplace.

Our position as a TSP allows Supplycart to make a more compelling offer to our customers as they are now eligible for a grant matching 50% of the subscription price going up to RM5,000 when they sign up for ADAM.


ADAM by Supplycart offers businesses the chance to digitize their procurement practices and has been an especially essential service due to its facilitating remote working during the current Movement control order (MCO).

Till the date of publishing, ADAM has helped over 1,800 companies connect with 900+ suppliers and offers over 30,000 products in its procurement catalogue.

“Businesses can now focus on the more important matters in growing and sustaining their business while leaving managing the office to Supplycart. Our vision is to be the number 1 office platform for businesses across South East Asia. Your office will never be the same again.” – Jonathan Oh – CEO and Co-founder, Supplycart

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