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Our story

As a procurement specialist, Supplycart is committed to providing solutions that ensure simplicity, provide clarity and drive value. We are committed to streamlining buying decisions so people get on with what really matters to them - beyond the process to the prize.

Since 2016, we have grown our range of offerings from an expansive network of suppliers to a proprietary cloud-based e-procurement solution we call ADAM. We designed ADAM to work with human intuition, enabling people to purchase seamlessly while giving managers compliance oversight and strategic insights.

Our customers are at the heart of all we do. That’s why we’ve come up with an expression to define what and why we exist – customerisation. We make it a point to understand all we can of what our customers do, where they plan to go and how they plan to get there. Then we fit and scope our solutions to their needs, conforming to their existing ERP system, in part or whole. This sidesteps the need for complex and costly overhauls and extensions, yet fits into a growing company’s ever-changing needs.

With our own proprietary business spend management software , ADAM gives companies exclusive access to digitalised workflows, approvals, catalogues and more which they can further tailor to comply with guidelines. With that in place, business users across different branches or departments can independently, seamlessly and systematically make request leading to approved purchase orders. At the same time, managers have clear visibility and spend control.


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The Intuition of Human Technology

ADAM is the e-procurement solution we offer at Supplycart, that puts people above processes, intelligence over data and engagement over transactions. ADAM enables people to purchase seamlessly while giving managers compliance oversight and strategic insights.

To respond intuitively to users, ADAM is designed with simplicity in mind. It integrates an extensive catalogue of vendors with contract management & preferred pricing onto one platform, so calling up purchases will no longer be tedious and painstaking. Instead, ADAM’s automation streamlines options into clear and compliant choices making purchasing decisions and approvals faster and easier.

ADAM aligns the process with the results to enrich experiences, develop collaborations, and create value.  ADAM focuses on a company’s indirect spend, from source to pay and compliance to analysis. It deep dives into:

  • Digitalising Procurement
  • Procure-To-Pay 
  • Payment Management Solutions
  • Integration / Punch-Out

Our Mission
Making A Way To Do More of What Matters


The pursuit of simplicity by co-creating with clients through every perspective and possibility
The consolidation of resources to ignite the potential of people and processes
The optimisation of technology to interface with human intuition

Values derived by some of our clients

Tail-end spend management

Leading FMCG Company in Malaysia

Supplycart has helped this business with over 70 users across multiple departments to source and manage their vendors more easily. By consolidating less strategic suppliers into Supplycart, the company is able to simplify supplier management and save an estimated 320 hours in terms of vendor registration. Supplycart also provided solutions on ensuring users and vendors comply with the company's procurement requirements through ADAM and other processes.

Digitalising through e-Procurement 

South East Asia Health & Fitness Company 

This established company operates 50 branches throughout Malaysia. By digitalising their procurement processes through ADAM, the company is able to remove all manual effort by the central team to consolidate & place orders and enjoy automation in their branch ordering. Supplycart also provides spend analytics and reports, thus improving spend visibility at an item level.

Streamlined vendor management 

Global Tech Company, Headquartered in Malaysia 

With over 100 employees in Malaysia, the company looked for a solution that could consolidate their purchased items while helping them to save them and money. Supplycart provided them with that single solution through its centralised platform, ADAM. With consolidated suppliers, the company saves an estimated 4 hours a week from dealing with multiple vendors.